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As we are now in the busy month of September, we do have some important challenges that we’re dealing with at both Victoria Park courses.

A number of our staff are now back in school, locally or away, and although some are able to work on a very limited basis, others are not.

As a seasonal business that hires many young people, this situation is not new to us; however, this year particularly, we are having trouble filling these positions.

As many of you are aware, this problem of being “short staffed” is happening in many sectors of our society, not just the golf business.

We are grateful to our supervisors and staff who are able to continue with us until the season ends, but it’s important for us to avoid the situation of “burn-out” among these important people.

For the balance of the season, there may be days when some services in all departments may be cut back or unavailable, most notably in our food & beverage department.

There will always be beverages and some food items available, but there may be times when snack bar hot food, or beverage cart service, will be cut back. Some course maintenance tasks may also be delayed or cut back.

We are definitely prioritizing our scheduling to have coverage during the usual busy times, like weekends and Wednesdays, and during event days.

And, we will continue to search for staff to come on board for the remainder of the season.

Thank you for understanding and patience.

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