Is there an Initiation Fee?

No, Victoria Park does not charge an Initiation fee

As a member, do I have to spend a minimum amount every month for Food and Beverage?

No, we do not have Clubhouse minimums

Do members get to golf all they want?

Our members are welcome to play as much as they want, but we do require them to pre-book tee times, or call ahead. As a semi-private golf course, we also have public players and tournaments on a regular basis; so we don’t want to inconvenience anyone who comes out to play, but can’t get on the course because of an event, busy time, etc.

What is the Combined Membership?

Our Combined Membership gives you the same membership privileges at both the East course and the Valley course. It is available for all membership categories.

Can I cancel my membership and get a refund?

Under certain specific conditions, membership cancellation with refund is available. Please see the documentation with the Membership Application for details.

Are all members required to play in competitions?

Although “Full Adult” categories (at the East course or Combined) include the competitive component, it is not a requirement to play in competitive events.

Is the driving range included with memberships?

Our ‘Premium” categories include a 50-token range card. Otherwise, driving range packages are available for purchase in several different amounts.

My partner and I just want to play by ourselves. Is this allowed?

We will accommodate twosomes, or singles, when conditions permit; however, we do not guarantee it. If the golf course becomes busy, Victoria Park reserves the right to “pair-up” singles or twosomes.

I would like to get the Weekday membership, but what if I want to play sometimes on weekends?

Please see the “7 Day Basic” Membership as an option. Otherwise, there is a surcharge for a weekday member to play on a weekend/holiday mornings.

Am I required to take a cart?

No, members are welcome to walk or ride. We do have Cart Package options available, or of course you can “pay per ride”.

Can I buy a FlexPass instead, but still be a member?

No, a FlexPass is not a membership category. FlexPass is a discount program for public golfers who play our courses on a frequent basis.

As a member, can I invite a guest to play?

Yes, we encourage members to bring guests – we do have a “Member Guest Rate”. For weekend or holiday morning times, please check with the Pro Shop before booking a guest with you. Also, there are some events during the season that are “members only”, and some that guests are welcome to play; the Pro Shop will have a list of these events.

Is club storage available? Cart storage?

Club Storage & Cleaning is available at an additional charge.

The company that I work for is having a tournament at Victoria Park. As a member, why do I have to pay to play in it?

All non club-run tournaments at Victoria Park are considered separate from member play, so members will pay whatever the tournament charges its participants.

Is it possible to join part-way through the season?

Yes, for Adult memberships purchased after June 15th, we can pro-rate an amount depending on the start date. We do not pro-rate Junior memberships.

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