Victoria Park Golf Club opened in 1967, when Ted DeCorso built the “original” course (later to be known as Victoria Park West) near the intersection of Arkell Road and Victoria Road South. Victoria Park West became a very popular 18 hole course among many area golfers, and offered a lot of people their first golfing experience. A banquet facility was added in 1971.

Across the road was a 136-acre farm, which served as a country retreat for the Hales family. Alf Hales was a Member of Parliament for the Wellington riding from the mid-1950s until 1972.

When the Hales farm came up for sale in 1971, Ted and his brothers Carmine and Angelo purchased the property to build a larger golf course that would be unique to the area: Victoria Park East Golf Club. This course was designed by golf architect Rene Muylaert, famous for planning local courses like Indian Wells, Granite Ridge and Pheasant Run. Muylaert planned a layout with clever use of the “dog leg” design, creative water hazards and other special features.

Aerial view of Victoria Park Guelph golf course

2024 is the 50th Anniversary of Victoria Park East!
Construction began in 1972 and Victoria Park East officially opened in July 1974. Brothers Ted, Carmine and Angelo were all involved in the operation.

Opening Day, July 1974. Left to right: Honourary caddies Jim Farrelly, John DeCorso and Paul DeCorso, with founders Angelo, Ted and Carmine DeCorso.

Ted handled the business management, Carmine was the course superintendent, and Angelo, already a CPGA Professional, took over the running of the golf operation.
A clubhouse and banquet facility was constructed in 1977. A Pro Shop addition with offices and a secondary banquet room was added in 1984, and an expansion to the clubhouse was done for the East’s 25th anniversary in 1999.

Fast-forward to 2005. Ted DeCorso was in the planning stages of re-branding Victoria Park West into a residential golf community (eventually and unfortunately this did not happen, and the property was sold for regular residential development); but David, John and Louise DeCorso realized that many Guelph area golfers would miss a course like Victoria Park West, and so a property search and investment analysis was started to see if it would be possible to build an executive course to replace the West. Fortunately, the Valeriote family property at the corner of Maltby Rd. and Victoria Rd. came up for sale, and the potential of this land for a golf course was soon realized.
After all planning and assessments were complete, construction began in the spring of 2010 on the property that would become Victoria Park Valley Golf Club.

Victoria Park Valley, hole Lakes 8 under construction, August 2010.

Architect Scott Covell’s plan incorporated much of the existing landforms, trees, and even the old rock piles into the design, and the results were spectacular: 27 holes, each 9-hole course unique in character.
Victoria Park Valley Golf Club officially opened in April 2012 as an 18-hole course (Lakes and Pines), with the remaining 9 holes (Valley) open for play later that year. It was a modest start for facilities, with a tent for hosting tournaments, and an existing bungalow retrofitted as a pro shop and snack bar. But in the fall of 2013, ground was broken for construction of a Clubhouse, and the 2014 season began with a wonderful new building.

Victoria Park Golf Club is still a family-owned and operated business to this day. Ted’s son David is the now the General Manager; Carmine’s son John is the Marketing Manager and his daughter Louise is the Office Manager. Their family brings two generations of experience to the operation and they are constantly looking for ways to improve Victoria Park, as they plan for the future.

With Guelph set to grow in the coming years, Victoria Park aims to be the premier choice for those looking for both challenging and accessible golfing options—a place where avid golfers and beginners alike can find something for them.

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