Game Card Packages at Victoria Park Golf Club in Guelph

Why purchase Game Cards?

Victoria Park Game Cards are a great way to play and save, especially when they’re used during peak times and on weekends. Best of all, they’re transferable: you can buy them with a friend or family member, and split them up… and the more you buy, the bigger the savings! Or you can hand them out to business associates and employees.

You can use them on any day—weekdays anytime, weekends/holidays after 12:00. 2021 Game Card Packages are available now and they can be used until May 31, 2022.
See below for prices for both golf courses (plus HST). Carts extra, but not mandatory. Multi-ride cart packages also available.

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Victoria Park East Packages – 7-Day Cards (plus HST)

# of Cards 18 Holes
10 $420.00
20 $820.00
40 $1,585.00

Victoria Park Valley Packages – 7-Day Cards (plus HST)

# of Cards 9 Holes 18 Holes
10 $215.00 $284.00
20 $420.00 $550.00
40 $810.00 $1,050.00