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Victoria Park Valley 2023 Club Champions…
Men’s Club Champion – Randy Doucette.
Men’s B Flight Champion – Dan Champagne.
Men’s C Flight Champion – Ron Moore.
Ladies Club Champion – Sharon Gurr.
Ladies Low Net Champion – Katerina Jordan.
Junior Club Champion – Brett Gwinn.
Junior 13 & Under Champion – Sam Poloni, runner-up Max O’Connell.
Victoria Park East 2023 Club Champions…
Ladies Champion – Lori Bishenden, Runner-Up Sharon Gurr.
Ladies Low Net Champion – Marie Cracknell, Runner-Up Donna Jackson.
Mens Championships:
Club Champion Dylan Weber, Runner-Up Matt Onik.
A Flight Champion Jordy MacPherson, Runner-Up Ben Sarmiento.
B Flight Champion Richard MacAllister, Runner-Up Lou Artuso.
C Flight Champion David Betik, Runner-Up Mar Olender.
Congratulations to our 2023 Champions, and thank you to all participants and Victoria Park staff for a great 3 days!
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