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It’s finally done… again. The busy Christmas stretch, lots of visiting, travelling, hockey, shopping, etc. You know the drill.

And with the passing of the 1st decade of the “new millenium”, I truly believe that’s it’s best to look forward, not back; at least, not so much. I guess the argument could be made that there’s lots of fun stuff to look back on. Like the guy on the right, for example!
But looking forward: 1) The economy is showing signs of waking up, so we hope this translates into more golfers.
2) If I’m correct, there are now 6 Canadians on the PGA Tour this year, so there may be some exciting golf ahead from this contingent.
3) We’re going to focus a little more on enticing junior golfers to pick up the sport, or get back in. But heck, we’d like to see golfers of all ages enjoying the game.
4) Social Media: I’ve tried Twitter – sometimes it’s fun, often it’s a load of bunk (who cares that you’re out walking your dog!), but it’s now time to tackle the big one… Facebook. I’m going to get my kids to help me with that one. I’ve started on Facebook, but I’m finding it a bit of a challenge.
Oh well, each day done is a day closer to Spring!

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