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With the 2014 golf season FINALLY here, it’s time to get back on the bandwagon.
The last 6 months were one helluva ride.

Many of you have asked about my wife Jane: she has been battling breast cancer for just over a year now, and I very happy to say, the battle appears to have been won. It’s hard to appreciate the toll it takes until you live through it – or, more properly, are in a relationship with someone who’s going through it. As best as can be said at this point, Jane is done with the emotional and physical crash that is cancer, and we look forward to a full recovery. Thanks to all of you for your best wishes throughout the year.
Here’s a great picture of Jane and I with Reid and Madeline at my nephew Will’s confirmation last November (Alexander is missing!)

Despite the weather, I’ve had a very busy spring, with lots happening in the background. Technology kept me hopping: a new server, changing all of our workstations away from Windows XP, and doing my part for the new clubhouse at the Valley has been a challenge. We’re all looking forward to getting this great new building open & working. Come out for a visit!

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  • Anonymous

    Looking good Janie!

  • Anonymous

    Can't wait to tee off on Sunday at Vic Valley and see the new clubhouse. First golf game this season with my son Nick.

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