Valley Clubhouse Update April 23, 2014

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 The Crew has been busy and is moving right along. Our goal is to have the upstairs finished by the first week of May and complete the downstairs shortly after that. The flooring started last week. Ceramic tile has been placed in the Kitchen and the Snack bar area. Some of the kitchen equipment has been installed and the snack bar counter has been partially installed. There is still a lot of coordination and work to do to have the clubhouse partially open the first week of May.

The stone masons have been working around the weather to complete the stone work. They should be finished today. Above the stone work will be stucco. They have to have nice weather to work the temperature cannot go below 0 degrees. They are expected to move in Monday. Landscaping will start after the stucco crew has finished. We will open the clubhouse while the landscaping is finished. Until Next Time…. Davie

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