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Many turf areas on our golf course as well as many lawns in the area did not survive the severe summer drought or are being destroyed by Grubs. The picture to the left is an area that we recently renovated. We raked up as much of the loose dead grass as possible, topdressed with a screened topsoil and broadcast a good bluegrass seed mixture. The seed was lightly raked in. Seed must be in contact with the soil for good germination. Any seed dropped now will now be a dormant seed meaning it will probably not germinate until next spring. It is still a great time of year to lay sod if you choose to go that route.
I hope you did not suffer too much damage this year. I know it is frustrating trying to maintain a healthy lawn with water restrictions and now pesticide bans. Good luck and do not underestimate the benefits of healthy turfgrass!

This picture shows skunk or racoon damage in an area looking for grubs. The skunks and racoons usually cause more damage than the grubs themselves.

This picture shows many grubs feeding on the roots. If the grass is healthy and there is plenty of moisture the turf may survive without and symptoms.

Until next time… David

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