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The poa or annual bluegrass has just started seeding at Victoria Park East. This picture is from my blog last year (May 27, 2011). I don’t want to repeat the exact same post, however poa annua is such an important aspect of golf course greens I think we should review it. Poa Annua or annual bluegrass is an invasive turf species that invades golf course greens, tees, and fairways. It is very aggressive and once it is established it is hard to control. It is an annual vs perennial which means the plant will grow for one year, produce seed, and die off. The white seedheads are very visible especially this time of year and make the greens look blotchy. The seed heads also affect putting which is very undesirable. It will establish in putting greens where ever there is some damage to the turf such as ball marks, wear from mowers, turf loss from disease or insects etc. The seed heads will last a few weeks and will probably affect putting quality. For more information check out my blog from May 27,2011. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Until next time…

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