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The grass is growing like crazy at the Valley, at the East course, at my house, and everywhere else. I am sure I don’t have to tell you that. You are all probably mowing your lawn more than you like and having a hard time doing it between the rains. At the East course we literally cannot keep up to the rough. I hear comments like “Nice US Open rough!” Believe me, this is not intentional. This is the time of year the grass grows the most. Add that with all the rain, warm temperatures, fertilizer kicking in, and watch out. The  picture above is hole B7 at the Valley course. As you can see the fairway is filling in nicely.
Seed Germination at the Valley. This picture shows green C7 at the Valley. The Creeping Bentgrass has just germinated. The green was seeded about one week ago. We seeded four greens before the rains came last week. We still have to  seed six greens and two pratice greens as well as eleven fwys and rough. The crew needs about three days of drying time after a significant rainfall to work. They have only worked one week this spring because of the rain. After the seeding is done light rains would be welcome. At night of course! Am I asking too much? Until next time.
David DeCorso 
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