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This is what we all had to deal with last week. Spring is certainly taking its time this this year. It feels like the snow will never melt especially after last year’s record breaking warm March. I remember working outside on the golf course, the kids wearing t-shirts and opening up the driving range. This is more like a traditional winter. Although the golf business really gets excited over early spring openings; it is only March 8th. There are some benefits with this traditional winter. The amount of snow we have and the fact that it is melting slowly is really good for the water table. Last year was quite dry and there was a huge concern that we could still be in a drought situation if we had below normal precipitation in the winter. Water quantity and quality will continue to be a huge concern especially in the Guelph area. As far as the condition of the turf, I have not been able to see if there is any damage. I do feel better this year compared to the spring of 2010. We experienced the worst winter injury ever. We had a thick ice layer on the greens around Christmas that year which lasted until March. The amount of ice and duration it lasted caused a lot of poa annua turf to die on the greens. This winter we had a major thaw in early February which melted all ice.  Therefore any ice build up will not be on the greens that long. I am anxiously waiting for the snow to melt at an even pace. I may even shovel some snow off some greens to help melt it faster. I will keep you posted.

Until next time – David
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