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Lakes # 9 at Valley
Cart Path # 5 East

The recent thunderstorms have caused a lot of issues here at Victoria park. The already saturated ground could not absorb any more water. The amount of rain and how fast it came down on Sunday night then again on Monday evening caused major washouts to cart paths and sand traps. The east course was hit hard twice all the repair work done during the day on Monday had to be done again on Tuesday. The Valley however received only half the rain on Monday as the East course and did not experience the washouts. We are only 4 km apart. That is the thing with thunderstorms, they are vary hit and miss.  We dodged a bullet on Wednesday afternoon as more thunderstorms raged through Guelph. Both golf courses only received some rain. If any of you have been out this week you can see what we are dealing with. We hope get all the washouts fixed today (Friday) and catch up on the grass. With all the rain we are extremely behind in mowing grass and there are may areas we just cannot mow because the areas are too wet. At the East course we have not been able to mow the fairway or rough since last Friday. The hole has been playing as a par 3 instead of a par 4. We are attempting to mow it today. You may have also noticed the greens are slower than normal. When they are so wet we are unable to do many of the cultural practises like roll, verticut, topdress etc. with out causing serious damage.
I would like to thank you for all your patience during this time. Until next time..


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