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April showers better bring nice May flowers because it has not brought out many golfers. This April has been the worst in recent memory. Spring rain is good for turf grass and all other plants but enough already. The maintenance staff have been trying their best to catch up on spring projects and train new employees before the grass really starts to take off. And it will. Some areas are too wet to mow and the grass keeps growing. I was hoping to verti cut the greens and topdress them with sand. We need dry weather for this. We started the irrigation system last week and have a fairly long list of repairs which is also hard to do when it is cold and rainy.

Victoria Park Valley Update – I have had to cancel three appointments with the golf course construction company to do a site walk and deteremine when they are going to start work on seeding the last eleven holes. My staff has also been unable to do much because it has been so wet. Damage will occur on new seedlings much more than established turf. We will try agin next week.
Take Care
David DeCorso

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