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Here’s a screen grab of Environment Canada’s 14-day trend for Guelph. Of course, here we are in April, everyone’s patiently (or impatiently!) waiting for Victoria Park to get the tee blocks on for the 2013 season.
I’ve been updating the homepages of our websites with the following: “The golf course and driving range are not open yet. Our “target date” is April 12 or 13, however this may change. This page will be updated frequently with opening announcements – please check back!”
But look at that dip on the 11th! Things may change, but the weather sure has been a tease this spring. Anyways, we’ll do our best to avoid “the latest opening ever” – opposite of last year’s “earliest opening ever.”
Feel free to come by the Pro Shop for a visit. And visit www.victoriaparkgolf.com for frequent Opening Day updates.

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