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The Guelph area experienced another violent thunderstorm. We recieved about 25mm of hard fast rain in less than an hour. We were not quite caught up from the thunderstorm we recieved last Sunday night. Picture on the left shows 18 fairway at the East course 24 hours after the storm.We still have not been able to mow the entire fairway this year. As far as the rest of the golf course, the sand traps were just repaired after last week’s storm and we have to fix them again. The cart paths are littered with potholes that give the golfer a true off road experience. And then there is the rough! The rough is still growing out of control and we cannot get to some areas.  Some areas we try to mow are being damaged by the mowing equipment. So far the golfers have been extremely patient and I want to thank them for that.
The picture on the left and below is beside B9 green and B9 fairway at the Valley. The construction crew stayed until 9:00pm on Friday night to finish seeding the entire hole. Much of the fine work and seed has been washed away. Lets keep our fingers crossed for a good week. David DeCorso
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