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It’s been a challenging few weeks, in the background of the business anyways, here at Victoria Park East. I honestly came to the conclusion that we’ve become haunted by a “ghost in the machine”!
It began on last Friday morning with our main system server crashing. And I mean Crashing! Not only that, our back-up drive crashed simultaneously, and hadn’t backed-up our data. At first glance, it appeared that we lost 2 weeks worth of work, plus anything that had been entered on the tee sheet for future dates within that 2 weeks. So, a nightmare… but the fine folks at HLB System Solutions and Recovery Force saved the day, and we were back up and running within 24 hours.
Then, the road construction crew accidentally severed the phone line to Victoria Rd. South. That took 24 hours to straighten out.
And it didn’t stop there… walk-in cooler compressors, PA system in the banquet hall…FAIL.
I guess if there’s a silver lining, it’s the fact that the road construction at our doorstep actually hasn’t scared away as much business as we thought it would. The golfers are still coming, and we appreciate their frustration with getting here. For now, the only way you can get here is northbound on Victoria Rd. from the Arkell Rd. intersection.

Fun & games!

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