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Sorting out  irrigation wire issues at the East course

Although the year has had a decent amount of rain we have experience two dry spells. We have also experienced some irrigation problems. Its funny how we never notice the breakdowns during rainy wet weather, they always seemed to happen when we need the water! Irrigation problems can either be a pipe burst where water gushes all over the place or electrical problems. When a pipe leaks or bursts you know about it right away. There can be a big mess to clean up and water has to be turned off at least for that part of the golf course. These problems have to fixed right away especially during dry weather. Electrical problems can be more subtle or intermittent. These problems can be hard to find and therefore hard to fix. They can be caused by lightning strikes and or broken, nicked, or corroded wires. When we do have an irrigation problem whether it be an electrical or pipe break the grounds crew has no choice but to fix the problem. Often it involves some patch work or splicing just to get some water to the turf until all the problems are found. We realize at times the repairs may be in the way of the golfers. Believe me when I tell you the grounds staff would rather be somewhere else then interrupting your golf game. We appreciate your patience.
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