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First of all I want to apologize for not posting a blog for one month! Combine a week’s holidays, getting busy and some procrastination and here we are. What a difference three weeks make. We have not had significant rainfall in since the end of June and the turf is showing the stress. The picture on the left is Hole #2 at the East Course. The rough before the fairway receives no water from the irrigation system and has gone dormant. Under most circumstances the turf will go dormant for some time and bounce back when the rains return. The irrigation system has been working overtime to keep up with the demand. We have also been doing a lot of hand watering. If it doesn’t rain soon most of the rough will go dormant and there will be visible dry spots on areas of the course that do get irrigated. Nothing replaces natural rainfall. The good thing is the water table is still quite high and there has been no talk about water restrictions. Yet.
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    Been watching the Ontario weather, especially in Guelph, pretty brutal. Out here in Charlottetown it doesn't get much over twenty with low humidity. Pretty much perfect for growing turfgrass. Hope all is well and Kowboy Keith Bennett has those flower beds sparkling.

    All the best,

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