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9 green April 30

 The greens have recovered to the point where we definitely know where the turf has survived and where the dead spots are. The greens have definitely filled in a lot in the last two weeks but there are some greens that lost turf. At present we have three greens that are closed and nine greens with partial closures. The worst areas have all been seeded and covered. The covers give a green house effect and warm the soil for better growth and germination. In saying that the cold weather has not been good for growth or germination.

Dimple seeder – April 15

 We need about 18 degrees to warm up the soil enough for germination. As you know we have not had many days at that temperature.

Replacing cover – April 30

The covers need to come off every 4-5 days for mowing and fertilization. Every week we will asses the green and alter the covers if needed. Until we get warm temperatures the recovery period will be slow.

We have also started plugging out dead spots. This process will help fill in small areas. The process will talk some time. Lets hope for nice weather to help with our recovery efforts. Until Next time… David

Plugging Greens – April 30
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