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It’s great to see Canadian golfer David Hearn playing so well lately. He’s been a regular on the pro tours for quite a few years now, along with the likes of my cousin Bryan and Ian Leggatt. David’s currently leading the South Georgia Classic by 2, the same tournament Bryan DeCorso won a few years back.

Which leads me to a quick story… 2 years ago we wanted to get a good used golf bag for our youngest son. We answered a classified ad and went to a beautiful old house off York Rd. in Guelph to purchase the bag. The young woman told us she was selling it on behalf of her parents, who had “a garage full of them, from my brother’s tournaments.” Who’s your brother, I asked. “David Hearn.” True story. A scorecard was still in the pouch from one of David’s rounds – I can’t remember from which course, and I hope we still have it!

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