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OK, I just have to gloat a bit here.

Our team won the annual ProAm Scramble here at Victoria Park East yesterday, with an impressive score of 56 – that’s 15 under! That’s us, from left to right: Pro Paul Westaway, me, Randy Doucette, and my friend and guest for the day, Manoj Prajapat.
Gloat #1, Manoj got an ace on the 11th hole. That automatically got us the one and only Skin.
Gloat #2, my putts were actually dropping. And good putts, too – not kick-ins!
Gloat #3, we all bet on our team, and paid $85 on a $5 share!!!
Gloat #4, did I mention Manoj got a hole-in-one?
Ok, enough gloating…
It was a great day, and always a fun event. Thanks to all the members and area Pros for their participation (and not ribbing me too badly for winning!)
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