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Finally… as you can see from the pic here, the snow is gone (well, like 99% gone). Jay walked the driving range today, and we have decided to open it tomorrow (Tuesday the 16th) at noon. It’s dry enough to run the range picker, but the golf course is still too wet for play.
Still, it’s good to get the clubs out.
Check our website for more details:
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  • Anonymous

    I think that's great! See you tomorrow at noon!

  • Anonymous

    Hi John,

    It must have been difficult finding time to grease up the old tills today with all that business.

    I think this blog is a fantastic idea; it lets us know what you do all day – interesting stuff.

    I cannot wait to get out there and play my first round of the year. I bet those greenskeepers are hard at work right now – getting the course prepped for opening. Great grounds crew last year; I anticipate seeing those hard working lads back this season.

  • John DeCorso

    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, the boys have been busy cleaning up the course. We'll at least get the Temporaries open.

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