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On Monday, November 28, the pins were pulled at Victoria Park West for the final time. The “book was closed” on a fabulous 45-year run as Guelph’s public golf course. When Victoria Park opened in 1967, the Guelph Country Club and the Cutten Club were both private clubs – Cutten still is. (In case you’re wondering, Victoria Park East opened in 1974).
It was a quiet event – actually, there was no event – because they had a “farewell day” back in late August. Pictured above are West Course owner Ted DeCorso (left) and his brother Angelo, who was the West’s first golf pro. The West’s pins will be symbolically set at the new Victoria Park Valley Golf Club when it opens in the Spring. As posted previously, the West property has been sold to a developer and will eventually become a City of Guelph subdivision.

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