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One of the main hurdles that many golf courses encounter is the need to keep the game of golf an attractive sporting option for young people.

Over the past few years, we’ve lived through a few events that have taken the “caché” from golf, in the perceptions of some of these junior players: the “star power” of Tiger Woods, and all of the cool endorsement stuff that went along with it, has definitely waned – and no other pro golfer has replaced Tiger on that very high “mass marketing” pedestal; and here in Canada, Mike Weir’s fantastic Masters win is slowly becoming an historical bookmark, and (arguably) no other Canadian golfer has since hit that high a mark.
Although we welcome, and encourage, the game of golf for any age level, it’s critical for us to promote the game among juniors. And with all the new technology and diversions that are appealing to this younger market, the challenge will be huge. “Thinking outside the box” has never sounded more appropriate!

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