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Our annual Patio Grilling Night here at Victoria Park East was a huge success: great food and a sell-out crowd! This was our 7th event (we did one in the winter, too!) and I find it curious to note how it’s progressed over the years.

Wendy Gottmers, our Banquet Manager, presented the idea when she first came on board in 2004. It started out as a “hands-on” grilling course: guests were encouraged to come up to the BBQ and lend a hand, which they did. As the years went by, we began inviting wineries to the event, to sample their fine wines. Well, that did it! Guests were having too much fun socializing, sampling the wine, and tasting the food – very few wanted to venture up to the BBQ for the hands-on part!

And so, it’s no longer a grilling course, it’s become a grilling show – and that’s fine. Our chefs, Steve, Gerald “JJ” and Giovanni did a fabulous job. And of course, so did Wendy! Here she is discussing a wine pairing…

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